Thursday, January 29, 2015

Definition Paragraph

Henelsie is a lost soul in search of life's meaning. When she was young, she thought life is about pleasing her parents with a smile, a step and a word but life demanded more. At 7, she thought getting A's on her report card would make her parents happy so she aced every test giving up most of her comfortable nights to study. Her mom was pleased but Henelsie didn't see the smile she learned from her mother because her dad chose to never see her mom again. At 14, she thought that if life is not about making people smile, then maybe it is about a step--about taking risks. Henelsie fell in love recklessly bouncing back painfully from one failed relationship to another. She never moved forward with that step and she eventually also forgot to smile. At 28, she thought that maybe life is about finding the word that one can hold on to when life becomes miserable. Surely, it was not even close to love or success for she was there but found them meaningless. She kept chasing meaning until the only word that makes sense is giving up. Only then did she learned that she needs to be lost to find meaning. The process of everything she went through in life is where meaning lies. She found Henelsie just when she was about to tell life her big NO.

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