Sunday, March 30, 2008

This time...

...I'm letting you go.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Speaking Of

colloquy - speaking together; mutual discourse
dentiloquent - speaking with clenched teeth
diversiloquent - speaking in different ways; speaking on different subjects
doctiloquent - speaking learnedly
dulciloquent - speaking sweetly
eloquence - forceful and appealing speech
falsiloquence - deceitful speech
fatiloquent - speaking prophetically; declaring fate
flexiloquent - speaking ambiguously or using words of doubtful meaning
largiloquent - talkative; full of words
obloquy - censure; calumny; slander; disgrace
omniloquent - speaking on all subjects
parciloquy - laconic speech
pauciloquent - of few words; speaking little
planiloquent - speaking plainly
pleniloquence - excessive talking; fullness of speech
polyloquent - speaking much; loquacious
sanctiloquent - speaking on heavenly or holy matters
sialoquent - spitting greatly while speaking
soliloquent - speaking in soliloquies; prone to giving soliloquies
soliloquy - talking or conversing with oneself; dramatic production of this nature
somniloquence - talking in one’s sleep
stultiloquence - foolish or senseless talk
suaviloquence - pleasing or agreeable speech
tardiloquent - speaking slowly
tolutiloquence - smooth or flowing speech
tristiloquy - mournful manner of speech
vaniloquence - vain or foolish talk
veriloquent - speaking truthfully; truthful